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Trevor DiLucchio

Video Production for Commercials, Music Videos, and Scripted Content

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I grew up in a creative environment. My mom, an entertainer, would have my brother and I operate puppets to compliment her children's shows. I would often enjoy creative writing and sharing stories during my spare time. Around 8th grade, I picked up our family camera and began shooting sketches with friends. Once in high school, I started taking video classes through my local art institute and community access programs.

Eventually, this brought me out to Los Angeles to ignite my creative ambitions. I found myself working on music videos for known acts like Disturbed and Datsik, and commercials for major companies like Microsoft and Absolut Vodka. In between, I've created web series, short films, worked on feature-length films, and helped on projects for Warner Bros and Paramount. With the pandemic, I shut things down for everyone around me to feel safe. Now I'm eager to get back to new projects. So, if you think we may be able to work together, please get in touch.

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Los Angeles, CA

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